why nuclear energy is extremely against environmental sustainability?

Nuclear Energy Safety and the Negative Health Effects of Its Use

Nuclear energy derives from the heat energy at the core of an atomic nucleus. Nuclear energy uses the process of nuclear fusion, the splitting of an atom into two NCOs using a machine called a Nuclear Reactor. People have used nuclear energy for producing electricity in many different ways. Nuclear energy is also used for producing heat and in building weapons that are made of nuclear material. In this article, we will look at why nuclear energy is extremely against environmental sustainability.


Nuclear energy has some very serious problems associated

with it and one of them is that it emits enormous amounts of carbon into the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is a highly potent greenhouse gas. A lot of carbon is released into the atmosphere when you use nuclear power to generate electricity.


This is just one problem with nuclear energy.

But there are more important issues about nuclear energy. One of these is that it produces no electricity without burning up fossil fuels. Coal and gas are fossil fuels and as we know, are extremely harmful to the environment. Burning fossil fuels for energy causes carbon dioxide to be released into the atmosphere, which causes climate change.


The other problem with nuclear energy

is that it produces very little energy which is sent to the world and put into a usable form. Only about one percent of all the nuclear waste that is produced is put into the usable form. This means that the rest of the waste is lying around on the ground and could be contaminating the soil and the air. The wastes are also leaking into the water, which is another major problem and is threatening to poison the oceans.


The other major problem with nuclear plants

is that there have been instances of tragic accidents at nuclear plants. There have been several cases of leakages and explosions at commercial nuclear energy facilities, such as the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine in 1986. These disasters have killed thousands and led to large numbers of deaths and sickening diseases. All these horrific events have had devastating health effects on the people living nearby, as well as on a large scale on the Russian population in particular.


As you can see

the negative consequences of nuclear energy are many. One only hopes that in the future these dangers will be lessened or removed entirely. This can only be done through careful management of the waste produced by nuclear energy. Otherwise, it’s going to lead to a future where all energy sources, including those coming from nonrenewable resources, are unsafe.

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