Why Do Your Energy Performance Certificates Matter?

energy efficient building

Energy performance certificate is a grading system to assess the energy efficiency of commercial buildings. The building is then awarded a score between A-G, where A being the best rating and G the worst. Energy performance certificates are commonly used in most countries around the world. This is because it is financially beneficial to do so and also a simple way to ensure your building is as efficient as possible. There are also other factors that need to be taken into consideration when energy efficiency is being assessed such as the types of equipment and heating systems that may be in the building. If you feel that you have an energy efficient building then you can arrange to have it inspected by an Energy Performance Certificate inspector.

The certificate is granted after passing all relevant examinations, usually based on passing the Building Regulations, which is usually carried out by HETAS. An inspection is usually arranged by a local government body, who will be able to advise you on the best option for your buildings energy performance certificate. Most people obtain their certificates between two to ten years after commencing construction. There are exceptions to this and you should always check with your local authorities and the manufacturer to make sure that your energy efficiency certificates have been granted the full certification. This means that your buildings energy performance certificate will be up to date and ensure that you are able to keep to the regulations that you have applied for.

Energy Performance Certificate is up to date

In order to find out whether your Energy Performance Certificate is up to date and whether it has been awarded the full certification, you can either contact your local authority or the manufacturer of your products. There are both government and non-government organizations that offer the service of giving you an energy performance certificate. They usually carry out the rating on new properties at pre-development stages and may not always offer you a copy of the certificate once it has been awarded.

If you want a copy of your current rating, you need to contact your local authorities and give them a request to send you the certificate. These include those companies that supply materials to the developer. Usually they offer a standard rate per year, which should help you compare with those companies that offer a higher rate for those properties that have a higher rating. However it should be noted that a certificate that is more than ten years old cannot be renewed. A new certificate needs to be issued within three years of the first application being made.

energy performance certificate provides a valuable service

An energy performance certificate provides a valuable service to landlords, letting agents and prospective tenants. As well as helping to ensure that energy efficiency is maintained in a property, it can also show to a prospective tenant how much energy efficient a property is. Prospective tenants may well make a different decision about letting a house or flat if they know that it is well suited to energy efficient living. Of course this would also be true if they were intending to rent the property, but the knowledge could prove invaluable.

The rating is an important element for anyone letting a property, it is only the certificate that proves it. Tenants will find it extremely useful to know what other tenants have been able to achieve. This can help them to establish whether they are looking at properties that are suitable for their circumstances or whether they should concentrate on houses with lower ratings. It is for all these reasons that anyone who is looking to buy a home should always check to see whether the property they are considering has a good energy performance certificate attached.

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