Why a Blog Post Is Not the Same As a Long-Form Blog Post

Blog Posts vs. Articles

Blog Posts are often considered more “social” than articles. Many times my readers don’t click through from an article to visit a blog, whereas they will if an article is specifically about the product or service that I have to offer. Sometimes articles can get lengthy, especially those that are highly informative, but in most cases, people either read the article or visit the website. Blog Posts is almost always self-written, by the owner.

Difference between Blog Posts and News Articles. Blog posts were always more about the writer’s opinion, and they were definitely not written for the target audience. No interviews, research or guest articles. Self-published usually shorter than 300 words.

Difference between Blog Posts & News Articles

In the last few years, article directories have become increasingly strict about duplicate content, which has driven many bloggers to start producing blog posts in directories, targeting the niche, instead of the search engines. Most of the time, this works, but there are still a few problems with this strategy. Most blog posts are weaker than news articles, and five categories are usually weak in any given month, and some news articles are actually weaker than blog posts.

Difference between Blog Posts & Videos. As mentioned, most blog posts are written as opinion articles. They are aimed at increasing the blogger’s social media reputation, while providing their audience with information. While I am not saying that all blog posts are bad, since there are a few gems amongst them, many do not provide valuable information to readers. They also lack substance, which makes readers less likely to follow the link after reading.

Difference between Blog Posts & SEO

This seems to be a strange point for a blog post, but it actually is, especially when you consider SEO. SEO is actually a form of blog posts, since it is often written in the form of a short article. However, many times it is combined with other SEO articles in order to achieve higher rankings in the search engines.

That was a quick analysis of some of the main differences between in-depth blog posts and short-form blog posts. Bloggers should always strive to create blog posts that are valuable to the reader, but they should also remember that they need to reach as many readers as possible, which means writing about topics that the target audience will be interested in. In addition, bloggers should take the time to research their topic well before making their blog posts, and they should ensure that their blog posts are rich in content and keyword-rich. Lastly, readers are more likely to share a blog post that is written well and interesting than a poorly composed one.

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