what is electric storm?

Electric Storm – Electric Sickness

I’m sure you have experienced the electric outrage. Maybe you saw it on TV. It started with a bang and that was followed by a scream of pain. You can’t take your eyes off the TV where the infernal heater mounted in the ceiling is simply melting. It seems to be pre-programmed to come on every time someone enters the room.


Now I want to tell you about the final advice.

If this doesn’t make sense to you, let me explain that in simple terms. When the electric outrage hits, the power supply to the heater is overloaded. This overload can result in a trip to the high-voltage line, resulting in an explosion of electricity that could melt whatever is in your way. The best safety measure you can take when this happens is to turn off the power supply to your heater and to move to some other location. If you’re in the elevator, for example, get out quickly.


Okay, let’s assume you have gotten out safely.

Now let’s talk about the potential damage caused by electric outages. First, let me explain that I’m using ” Gross Said ” to describe something that has happened that makes you feel gross. It may not have been a result of electric storms, hail, or thunder-related power outages.


Let’s say you had to use the 101 freeway for an hour.

That would put quite a dent in the flow of electricity to your house. Some people report that they had to leave their homes during the storm because of the new town outages. When you have a heavy rainstorm coming up, these heavy rainfall and thunder-related outages are going to lead to additional electrical usage throughout your home.


With that said, what about the firefighters?

Did the fire companies respond to the new town outages with more than just a bucket of water to put out the flames? If you read some of the posts online by residents after the storms, you’ll find that many reported power outages, including some of the firefighters.


Why weren’t the fire companies responding

quickly and putting out the fires? It seems that some of the firefighters weren’t sure how to handle the power surges, so they stayed home. That means that all those homes and businesses were damaged. Although, this is one theory and while it doesn’t make sense, it does make you wonder what could have been done differently during the storm. If you have any ideas, feel free to shoot me an e-mail, preferably with a link to where you saw it.

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