what are the ingredients of European Organic Baby Formula?

European Organic Baby Formula

When was deciding on the baby formula for a little girl, choose a European Organic Baby Formula rather than buying one in the US? Why Europe? Because Europe has one of the best milk supplies in the world. Europe produces many of the world’s milk and cheese. Dairy cows in Europe are raised on pasture, and the nutritional value of their products is outstanding.

European Organic Baby Formula

uses ingredients that have been used since antiquity. lactose-free European Organic Baby Formula eliminates the risk of breast or baby lactose intolerance. The FDA allows some European ingredients to be included if they meet specific guidelines. Three different stages of maturity are assessed in this European Organic Baby Formula so your infant will receive all of the vitamins and nutrients needed for optimal health.

Many babies have problems with iron, zinc, and folic acid

which is why the European organic infant formula was developed. In this formulation, the main ingredients, Glucose, and galactose are easily absorbed by the baby’s body. Since most babies’ dietary needs are met with cow’s milk alone, additional formulas must be purchased to meet the special dietary needs of babies with special needs. With the combination of rice and wheat gluten, the European organic formulas are more digestible for infants. Other ingredients in European organic formulas include rice bran oil, green corn, and green beans.

The European formula contains no harmful chemicals.

The European Food Safety Authority is very strict about food purity. The European Food Safety Authority allows the use of only natural, plant-based (onion) emulsifiers, agents that do not add artificial color or flavor. European baby formula brands also contain no artificial sweeteners or flavorings. The European Food Safety Authority requires that all of the food used in the manufacturing of a European organic baby formula be certified as safe for both humans and animals. In the United States, even manufacturers that adhere to the law face some regulations.

Some of the ingredients used in

the United States and the European organic baby formula brands are similar. For example, both brands use amla, a chicory root that is native to India but has now been introduced to the European market where it is used primarily as an herb. Amla is said to help improve milk production and is a rich source of vitamin C, biotin, and niacin. Some of the ingredients used in the United States are not available in Europe: soybeans, potatoes, and carrots; red kidney beans; wheat gluten; sorghum and niacin.

Milk derived from clean, grass-fed

hormone-free cattle has been proven to provide the best nutrition for growing infants. Europeans have been raising their cows since the 12th century, so they are used to producing healthy, high-quality dairy products. Europeans have also been using antibiotics to kill bacteria in milk and their milk products; these methods are now banned in the United States and may pose a threat to public health in the U.S. because some bacteria that grow in milk are resistant to antibiotics. But if you want an inexpensive alternative to European organic baby formula, consider lactose-free or lactose-reduced cow’s milk.

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