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Sell Your Home Fast – Use No Real Estate Agent

Closing your home is not the same as selling it. There are many differences between the two, and buyers should know them before they make any final decisions on either method. One of the most obvious is the price. Agents work on commission, so they can charge anything from a few hundred dollars to several thousand for closing services. Even if a buyer intends to skip the work completely, it’s a good idea to check prices in your area before committing.


Another difference between selling

and buying comes in the way buyers go about hiring their own real estate agents and pre-sale home inspection experts. Many first-time sellers try to handle all of these things themselves, but without professional guidance, many buyers will simply hire contractors instead. This can lead to a lot of unexpected problems down the road. If a seller is skipping necessary tasks or attempting repairs on their own, they could be putting themselves at risk for major repairs or even legal action from a contractor.


The real estate industry uses three primary ways

to show homes to potential buyers: open houses, house showings, and sales and/or showings. Although each of these showcases different aspects of the selling process, they all show the home in a better light than a conventional house show. Open houses allow potential buyers to come in and see the inside of the home without having to schedule a showing, which can often lead to more interest.


A house show, also known as an FSBO

(for sale by owner) allows sellers to show off their property without a real estate agent. Most buyers want to be convinced that the home is in the best condition possible before committing to buying, so this can be the best time to do so. Not only are buyers more likely to make offers on FSBO homes because they are less likely to be obligated to a lengthy sales process, but lower prices can result in significant savings. Since there is no real estate agent involved, the buyers can determine the value of the property and set a range in which they will offer a price. This can help sellers sell their homes at a much faster pace.


In addition to holding open houses, FSBO showings

are often held at various times of the year. Spring is the off-season for these types of events, so buyers can find the ideal property for them to bid on at this time. In most cases, a seller will list their home with an open house but will list it with a listing agent for those who want to attend the event but cannot schedule themselves to be in the home on the scheduled date. Most agents work on commission, so it is important to ask if the agent is willing to list the home without any commission for those wishing to attend the event.


There are several benefits to selling a home with no real estate agent

Potential buyers who can not locate the home they desire can use this service to get the information they need before making an offer. They can also use the FSBO method to set their own price and determine how long they will hold the home. These buyers can save money, since they do not have to pay to have an agent show the home, and they can do this in their own time. Because these types of FSBO (for sale by owner) real estate listings are in high demand, there are usually many properties for sale at any given time.

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