Types of Locksmith Services

Commercial Locksmith

Commercial Locksmith Services should be up to date with the latest technologies in key and lock technology. Things such as fingerprint scanning and keyless entry technology have become quite popular in this industry. Installing new access control systems to protect against unauthorized entry by employees. Aligning safes to prevent access and changing deadbolt locking systems to a higher level of security for commercial facilities.


Keyless Entry Electronic Locks: This is a newer technology in commercial locksmith services and can be done by a professional. A new system installed is one that uses a thumb turn keypad to enter codes instead of the traditional key. Using electronic locks help to prevent employees from simply bumping keys since they are not able to remember codes. It can also help to reduce the possibility of employee theft as well.

High Security Locks: There are a number of high security locks available to business owners. With high security locks available there are many things that can be done to help make commercial locksmith services more effective. Aligning deadbolts to help improve security for large doors and installing new keyed locks can help to provide better security for a business. A professional locksmith services company may offer other locksmith services to better meet the needs of a business.


Keys: Keys are an issue for a lot of people. Lost keys and non-readable keys are problems for everyone. Having a reliable residential locksmith service available to help get these types of problems taken care of. Providing commercial locksmith services with non-readable keys and lost keys is essential in keeping up with the growing theft problem.

Lock Installation: A professional commercial locksmith may also offer lock installation in a variety of different types of establishments. Installing new locks in businesses can often be expensive, and installing old locks that need to be replaced can be very difficult. A locksmith services provider will have the expertise needed to be able to help with lock installation. Whether it is a new or old lock that needs to be replaced, having an experienced locksmith install new locks can be much less of a hassle.


Residential Locksmith Services: If you’re looking into getting some residential locks installed there are many options available. Most residential locksmiths are familiar with both automatic and manual locks, along with a wide range of other products such as deadbolts and other forms of securing equipment. A residential locksmith can also help individuals select the best type of door lock for their residence and can help to get any other types of locks up and running in a timely manner. In many cases, residential locksmith services can be called just for this purpose. When it comes to commercial properties, however, a professional will know nothing about commercial locks and their proper functioning. These professionals are able to help install high-security doors, change existing locks, and can even help with other important issues pertaining to commercial properties.

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