Tips To Buy Contact Lenses

what type of contact you need to buy

Buying contact lenses isn’t an easy task because there are a lot of things to consider before buying the right pair for you. You should know about the different types of contacts before you go out to the store and make a purchase. Here is a short buying guide that will help you know what type of contact you need to buy.


disposable lenses

When it comes to buying contact lenses, most people would opt for disposable lenses. Although they might be affordable, they aren’t the best solution for people who are looking for a permanent eye care solution. Most people will not notice the difference when wearing disposable lenses, but in some cases, a person may notice that his or her vision has become blurred. Even if you don’t have vision problems, it’s still best to use contact lenses and never accept anything less than perfection in terms of eye care.


four main types of contacts Acuvue, Biomedic, Ciba Vision, and Lupercal

There are four main types of contacts available on the market nowadays. Acuvue, Biomedic, Ciba Vision, and Lupercal are the different types. Acuvue and Biomedic are the top two brands, which manufacture contacts using gas-permeable and oxygen permeable materials. Acuvue contacts are perfect for people who have weak eyesight and need an improved vision correction. However, oxygen permeability is only good for people who frequently engage in physical activities like running, swimming, playing sports, etc.


the Acuvue type

When it comes to the disinfecting of contacts, the Acuvue type is the most recommended one as it does not require any special disinfecting process. However, this might seem to be a drawback because the eyes might get irritated at times when the contacts are not properly disinfected. This can however easily be remedied by following instructions given in the patient handbook or by the customer service. In case the user cannot read the patient handbook, the customer service representative could guide the customer on how to disinfect the contacts.


hard plastic

Contact lenses that use hard plastic are usually suitable for regular users. They are very easy to wear and are comfortable to use because the hard plastic allows oxygen to flow easily through the contacts. People who have dry eyes are recommended to go for the hard plastic-type because it allows less moisture and therefore, fewer irritations. A downside of wearing hard contact lenses is that the corneal surface may get aggravated at times, especially if the person blinks a lot during the day.


bifocal contacts

Another option available for those who want to purchase contact lenses is bifocal contacts. Bifocal contacts are ideal for people with presbyopia, a condition that causes the eye to become farsighted or nearsighted. Bifocal contact lenses are designed differently from regular ones. The shape of the lens is such that it enables the user to see clearly at all distances and also improves depth perception.

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