The Various Types of Organic Baby Formula

organic baby formula

Have you ever heard of the organic baby formula? Most parents have come to realize that there is a huge difference between conventionally grown and the organic baby products. These organic baby formulas are made with only the best ingredients, and they are much more affordable than regular ones. The most common organic baby food is soy based.


The organic baby food contains no artificial preservatives, colors or flavorings. They are also free from wheat, lactose, peanuts, or corn. Also, the baby’s milk has been grown without the addition of growth hormones, antibiotics or pesticides. It is free from bovine colostrum and cow’s milk, which can cause sickness or even death in your baby.

Organic Baby Formula

So, what are the best kinds of organic baby formula? The best one for babies is called Formula D. It is manufactured in the United States and sold under its own brand name, but is actually made up of various other ingredients. It is rich in protein, calcium, zinc, and essential vitamins and minerals. It is a great option for infants who do not need a lot of milk.

Another great one for infants is Baby Mime. It is perfect for babies who have colic. It is a blend of various baby vitamins and minerals in 1 liter of milk. This is a good choice for those who want to feed their child organic milk, yet still get all the nutrients they need.

For older children, there is V-Day. It is a time when infants and older kids are allowed to drink one hundred and twenty milliliters of whole milk each day. Of course, this means they have to stick to adults beverages. It is very easy to get addicted to the taste. You can add fruit juice to the glass to make it more appealing. This is ideal for kids who love fruit juices.


These are just a few of the organic baby formula options available. Always check the labels for information on what substances go into the milk. Make sure you read the label carefully so as not to be fooled by an organic baby formula that does not provide the right nutrients. Stick with trusted brands if you want your child to be healthy.

Try to keep the number of allergens low. Some materials may cause rashes or hives in the baby. Also avoid anything that is colored. There should be no preservatives as well as anything artificial. Just make sure there are no artificial sweeteners. You can always ask your pediatrician about a good organic brand.

Baby will develop from inside the mother’s womb. The inside of the womb is sterile. It is the food and fluid that enter the body that makes a difference in the baby’s health. You want to make sure it is always fresh and free from chemicals. Check the ingredients for purity before you buy any baby food.

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