the Local Art Scene

Immerse Yourself in the Local Art Scene

It is always easy to appreciate local art from home! For many mountain communities, the visual arts have led the way in community beautification and street improvements. Art galleries, studios, and other museums reflect the personality of their neighborhoods through regular programming, workshops, lessons, and shows. Artists and dealers meet to discuss issues such as public safety, environmental awareness, and the impact of growing numbers of art collectors in these communities. The artisans take their artistic passions to the streets in their works of art, offering unique pieces for buyers to enjoy while strolling their neighborhoods.


Some mountain communities

have enjoyed the support of national art galleries who have contributed funds to support the artist’s livelihood. The artists travel to the gallery before creating their work, showcasing their talents at the same time. Others have used this venue as an opportunity to display the work of art that they have created. Over the years, mountain art galleries have come into play as venues for art promotion and community interaction. Galleries also showcase a wider range of art, which often caters to more sophisticated tastes.


Museums are also becoming important venues in the art scene

Many mountain museums showcase local art talent under the auspices of the Rocky Mountain National Park. These venues showcase new artists and present contemporary art, music, and the history of the area. The Rocky Mountains also offer opportunities for traveling artists to display their work, opening doors to talented individuals who otherwise would not have the opportunity to exhibit their art in such a unique environment. Some mountain museums showcase art that was produced in the past centuries by local artisans, depicting a lifestyle and tradition that are no longer readily available in most towns and cities.


In addition to these venues, there are several websites dedicated

to mountain culture and arts. These virtual art galleries feature photos and paintings of the local artists and the scenic beauty of the Rocky Mountains. Many of these sites feature photography and art by local artists as well as original paintings and sculptures by professional artists. These websites offer a gateway to artists who do not have the financial means to create a permanent home for themselves in Denver, providing them with an alternate means of showcasing their work.


Other local arts groups are establishing websites

to promote the area’s artistic talent. The Rocky Mountain Arts Council (RMAC) and the Southwestern Colorado Arts Association (SCA) are two such organizations. Artists can register with the organizations to post their work on the site, offering potential buyers a chance to learn more about local painters and musicians. In addition to featuring artists, these sites offer information about musical events and artist talks.


Artists who have set up their own websites

can also offer photos and videos that show the scenery and scenes around their work. Websites and photo galleries not only allow artists to showcase their work, but they also provide buyers with an alternative to simply looking at paintings and sculptures in a gallery or on the wall. In the past, people were forced to walk a few blocks away from their art galleries to see the pieces they were interested in. With the advent of the internet, buyers now have some options available when it comes to finding a local art scene.

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