The History of the Hen Saddle

The Hen Saddle is very popular in the United Kingdom and indeed around the world. It is also referred to as a “belly cart” owing to its shape. This type of saddle was originally developed by saddle makers and horse riders to be used for the horse’s back. It is designed to conform to the contours of the horse’s back so that the horse can sit securely and relax. However, this type of saddle did not prove to be very useful. It has been replaced by the modern All-Weather Ladder.


The Hen Saddle is the first type of saddle to have a wide variety of uses

It was first developed in 1793, so it was already in existence long before the development of the All-Weather Ladder. The horse’s back and neck were in an ideal position for the rider because the saddle’s angle with the ground was perpendicular to the horses’ spine.


The discipline of dressage also developed from this use

Because the horse was able to relax, trot, or lunge better, they were much easier to train. This enabled the English equestrian and riding teachers to introduce these skills to the horse riding students of the day. The discipline of dressage also developed from this use. The horse’s muscles became conditioned to move in specific ways to control the rein while the horse was being ridden.


The design became more sophisticated

When people began to realize the importance of this type of saddle, the design became more sophisticated, especially when the saddle was covered with leather skin. A bridle could be attached to the saddle to give the rider a smoother riding experience. This made the saddle more popular with sportsmen who used their horses for hunting.


A hen saddle has to be strong because a horse’s weight is quite considerable

A horse’s back needs to be supported but not too tightly so that it causes pain. It must also be padded to protect the horse’s joints and skin. To have the right fit, it should be as close as possible to the horse’s own body so that any pressure can be evenly distributed. If the padding pressure is too much, the horse may contract his muscles in an attempt to relieve the pressure.


When a saddle has a good bodyweight distribution, a saddle pad can be used to further reduce the pressure on the body of the horse. A saddle with a good bodyweight distribution and a proper fit will make the saddle worn out less quickly. The saddle’s joints should not be forced into place by a sharp edge. If this occurs, the horse may become injured because the pressure of the body against the saddle is very great. It will also slow down the healing process.

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