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The 4 Ps of Marketing: What They Are And Why You Need Them

Marketing is one of the most important aspects of business. If not, then the business would have no growth and thus no profit. Therefore, marketing management is an essential aspect of any business entity. It encompasses different marketing functions such as research and analysis, collecting, compiling, analyzing and disseminating information, planning and designing advertising programs, selling products and services, and buying and negotiating contracts. These marketing functions are applied in order to gain more clients and customers.


Marketing management consists of different kinds of positions such as marketing manager, marketing specialist, marketing planner, marketing analyst, business analyst, and marketing guru. Each of these has their own functions and responsibility. But, they also perform common tasks such as managing the company’s budget; developing the marketing strategy; preparing and maintaining the marketing plans; executing the marketing functions; and analyzing the marketing performance of the company. Marketing managers play a key role in ensuring that all the marketing functions are carried out smoothly. They coordinate with the company leaders, marketing supervisors, and other employees.

The marketing manager should have knowledge in business, statistics, advertising, and marketing principles. In order to achieve success in this kind of job, he or she must be an expert in the different aspects of marketing. The marketing manager should possess fine skills in planning, organizing, analyzing, commanding, and controlling the various different resources. He must be able to provide comprehensive marketing solutions for all the different kinds of business concerns.


The marketing manager job description is a challenge because he or she needs to plan, organize, and execute the different marketing functions. The marketing manager job requires him or her to use advanced tools such as data analytics, social media management, and other sophisticated technology. He or she also needs to ensure that the processes are organized and effective. The marketing manager also needs to develop strategies and schemes for marketing campaigns. This person has to make sure that the company’s product or service is offered to the target market in a way that they respond positively.

The marketing refers to the efforts made by marketers to promote the products and services of a company to increase its sales and profits. There are different marketing strategies employed by marketers and they depend on what the company is into. One of the most popular strategies is search engine marketing or SEO. SEO marketing refers to the efforts made by internet marketers to increase traffic to a website through search engines.


The four Ps of marketing refer to the customer, product, strategy, and place. According to the book, these four Ps hold the key to any successful marketing strategy. With the help of these four Ps, marketers can create a good business proposition. It is necessary for marketers to understand the customer well. This helps them to make a right marketing strategy that will increase the company’s sales.

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