Small Businesses See Social Media Helping With Customer Retention

local stores and businesses continues to influence their buying decisions

The emotional foundation of small business for many localities is deeply rooted in purchasing and selling with neighbors and friends. From the earliest ages, many communities have relied on small local businesses to provide services such as child care, cleanliness, and other necessities. Today’s small business¬†contributes a great deal to these services. Many small businesses in both cities and rural areas are also vital sources of job opportunities. The emotional connection that people have with their store and the support they seek from those stores and businesses.

The emotional ties that people develop with local stores and businesses also contribute to their sales and business growth. For example, small businesses in a community contribute to the cleanliness and safety of that community by maintaining a store schedule and keeping supplies on hand. They also contribute to the sense of community by sponsoring neighborhood events and sports leagues. In addition, small businesses often sponsor church and school functions and hold charity events to raise money and spread the word about their community. When a small business owner invests time and money into his or her community, others within the community benefit as well. This investment produces positive word of mouth advertising, which encourages other small businesses to consider investing in their local area.

The power of social media marketing

Can be harnessed by local businesses to expand their customer base and drive more sales. Large national chains like Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts have recently taken advantage of the opportunities offered through social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter to market their products and services locally. By creating profiles on these sites for their local stores, small businesses have found a way to get the word out about their businesses while also building a strong Facebook or Twitter following.

Recently there has been an increase in the number of reports about food allergies and grocery store theft. Some of the reported cases are due to cross-contamination of grocery store equipment by those who may be suffering from a food allergy. Others are due to petty theft or shoplifting, which is a serious issue for small businesses in tough economic times. A new program being implemented by the United States Food & Drug Administration will make it easier for small businesses to trace and assist those who may be suffering from an allergic reaction or food intolerance after using the public’s food supply.

Social media like Facebook can provide an effective way for small businesses

The number of stories being written about the problems experienced by small businesses due to the recession is astounding. Yet, it’s becoming more common for small business owners to seek assistance from services that can help them manage their businesses more effectively. Small businesses are experiencing more pressure than ever before due to the growing demands of consumers. In response, more local small businesses are turning to social media like Facebook to generate local traffic, and improve customer relations.

To reach their customers and help build customer loyalty. Consumers are finding themselves drawn to sites like Facebook and MySpace more than ever, especially since the holidays are approaching. By connecting with a local small business owner on Facebook, a consumer can become familiar with a local business and learn more about its activities and products. In addition to providing local small businesses with the ability to reach out to these new customers, it also helps people learn more about local products and services that they might not have known about otherwise. If large companies would learn how to leverage social media to improve their businesses, it would greatly benefit the local economy.

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