Medieval Armors – Medieval Armor Types

Medieval Armors

Medieval armors were not just used for defense. There was a very big other purpose to every piece of medieval armor. In fact, armor from this time period is so important that even knights and soldiers wore them for decoration. There are a few ways to tell medieval armors apart, especially if you’re trying to find armor from long ago.


First of all, medieval armor was designed to be worn under armor. This was to protect the knight’s lower body from injury in case of an attack. For example, they used to wear long coats or tunics under armor so that their upper body would not get dented. This made it so that even if the armor did get dented, it wouldn’t look like it. The dents were covered up by the armor.

During the Medieval period, there was a whole other type of armor that was used for decoration, battle and for everyday use. This was referred to as cuirons or helmets. These medieval armors were made out of metal, clay or wood, and they featured designs that were created specifically for battle and for everyday use. There were also armor made with actual animal fur as an integral part of the design. Fur gave the medieval armor protection from cold and was very warm to wear.


One of the most common types of medieval armor was light armored battle arms. These armors were used mostly for close-quarter confrontations or for assaults where the enemy was a little slower than the knights. These armors usually had padding to protect the legs, wrists and elbows. The armors were light enough that they could be put on and taken off quickly. These medieval armors were mostly used during the colder months because their heavy nature didn’t need much padding, which meant that they could be used in any season and in any climate.

Another type of medieval armor is the heavy padded armor. This armor came in two versions, one being made of heavy leather that was attached to the wearer’s torso and the other being made of chain mail that was attached to the wearer’s torso and skirt. Medieval armor became heavier as the chainmail got heavier and stronger so that the armor could be used in the battlefield and at war. While the heavier padded armor could not be used for everyday dressitsu fighting, it was perfect for when knights had to fight on horseback and for when armored soldiers had to charge against heavily armored enemy units.


These armors gave the medieval warrior’s a certain feel that they were really prepared to face and fight with. These armors also added to the feeling of grandeur for the medieval folks, as some of these armors came in great designs and had exquisite workmanship that the people who created them could be proud of and take great pride in. These armors of the medieval era still have a certain aura that is hard to describe, and it is something that needs to be experienced to be truly understood.

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