How To Lower Your Water & Energy Bills By Using These Tips

Lower Your Water & Energy Bills By Using These Tips

For homeowners in colder climates, saving money on water & energy bills is crucial. Because heating costs are so high during the winter months, and natural gas and oil prices are at record lows, the money you save on your heating bills can add up to substantial savings each month. But there are many different ways you can save money. Here are three different ways you can reduce your energy bill:


Increase your insulation in your home.

Heat rises so naturally, you will want to insulate your attic, basement, walls, and even your garage. By insulating your home, you can substantially reduce your heating expenses. Even if you don’t currently have insulation installed, there are things you can do to make your home more insulated. Use pillows, mulch, and leaves to fill in spaces between floors and ceiling and cover outlets with pipe or Styrofoam.


Turn off the air conditioning during the day.

In many parts of the US, including Texas, it’s a legal requirement to keep the air conditioning running through the night to cool homes. Although many people consider air conditioning as a luxury, those who work in offices that need to be cooled find it extremely unpleasant. If you want to go all out, leave the air conditioning on when you’re not home. It’ll save you money during the day and help lower your heating bills.


Reduce your usage of gas and oil.

Most heating systems in the US will either draw fuel from the power company, burn natural gas or oil to create heat, or provide mechanical motion to move the heat through your house. All of these energy sources deplete the supply of natural gas and oil. Cutting back on your usage of heating sources like oil and gas can reduce your consumption of water & energy bills. Look for low-flow appliances and have them serviced periodically.


Switch to an energy star furnace.

New energy star models can be quite expensive, so if you want to save money on heating bills, get a newer model. Energy Star qualified furnaces are more efficient than older models and use less electricity to heat your home. To find energy-star-rated furnaces, visit the Energy Star website. They also provide a checklist of what you can do to save money on water & energy bills and help you find the best options for your home.


Save on cooling costs.

Air conditioners and dehumidifiers can help reduce your home’s heating and cooling costs. The cooling costs can be as much as 20% of your overall energy bill. Look into ways to keep your air conditioner or humidifier at a lower setting, especially during the summer. You can learn more about how air conditioning and dehumidifiers work by visiting the website Energy Smart.

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