How to Invest in Genuine Bronze

Genuine bronze has the beauty and luster of cast iron but is far more durable. The best way to know if it is bronze is to carefully examine it. Cast bronze has been around for thousands of years, making it extremely strong and resilient. Bronze was used by the ancient Greeks and Romans for everything from statues to weapons to decorative art. Today, it is often used in furniture and decorative pieces as well. If you want to buy bronze, you will have to make sure that it is indeed genuine.

genuine bronze


How can you tell whether the object you are buying is bronze? Apart from checking for authenticity, look at the piece closely – is it thick and heavy, or thin and delicate? Is it smooth or textured? There are several signs that can indicate whether an object is fake or real bronze, including its colour. Some colours tend to be more genuine than others. The most popular colour is green, which is why so many cast bronze items have a green tint to them.


Bronze has been found in ancient shipwrecks, so it is a reasonably reliable source of material. However, there are other sources of cast bronze too, including old ruins of historical buildings and statues. These will also be authentic, but they may not look quite as good as new. You will have to judge for yourself. Bronze sculptures and statues are still quite popular, but they are no longer considered the best investment.

How do you decide between bronze and iron? If you are thinking about buying something that is cast, then it might be better to go for something that is made out of actual bronze. Iron on the other hand is made out of iron and steel, and this is a much cheaper material to produce. Iron will rust, so it is best to have it professionally cleaned and maintained to ensure that it does not end up corroding away to nothing.


If you are looking at a genuine piece of ancient iron or bronze, then you can get some great bargains in antique shops. You could also buy your iron from reputed online sellers who offer genuine bronze reproductions. Sometimes these reproductions are actually more valuable than the original because they have been well preserved. Antique reproductions are usually made from original pieces of iron or bronze, and you will be able to tell the difference quite easily.

Bronze figures are always an exciting way to invest, and they do give a great return for your money. The main thing to remember however, is to be careful where you buy from. Only buy from authentic dealers with a good reputation. This should ensure a safe and happy investment for years to come.

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