How to Find the Best Dog Trainer in Your Area


What is the Best Dog Trainer in NYC? This is the question that many would-be dog owners ask when they are ready to bring a new dog into their homes. New York is known as the country’s dog heaven. There are literally thousands of dog trainers in the city, all offering a range of services and expertise that would satisfy most dog owners. However, what makes a service “best” for one may not be the best for another. So how do you know which the best dog trainer NYC is for you?


The simple criteria to determine who the best dog trainers in NYC are being temperament and behavior. Professional dog trainers at any NYC pet clinic will evaluate the behavior of the animals under their care before recommending any treatment. Only those with well-behaved, obedient dogs that meet or surpass the behavioral requirements of the treatment facility will be considered for inclusion in the program. Some of the best dog trainers in NYC have been in the industry for over twenty years and possess years of experience in providing quality training services to clients.

A dog trainer is often asked if they enjoy working with children, and what types of classes are most enjoyable for them. Most voted happy training trainer programs have classes for small children. They teach the dog owners how to work with babies and children, as well as how to handle aggression between the two groups. Other classes are taught for parents who want to correct bad behavior between their dogs and even older children. Some of the more popular classes recommended by a lot of professional trainers include obedience classes, training for seniors, and even classes for special needs pets.


The best dog trainer in NYC may have a variety of credentials, but most have been in the industry for at least five years and have many years of experience. NYC area trainers must also hold certifications from the American Kennel Club and the American Association of Housecallers. They must also receive regular on-the-job training, as most facilities want to hire them based on their knowledge and experience. Some facilities even require a minimum amount of experience, and some require re-certification every two years. Some facilities will hire someone without any formal education or training whatsoever if they are able to pass a background check and prove that they are good with animals.

Many facilities offer some sort of complimentary behavior class for potential clients who want to improve their skills. These classes can help owners learn how to correct misbehavior in a safe setting. A trainer will usually start with basic commands and introduce them to different situations where they may encounter aggressive behavior. Once a dog is comfortable in a group of strangers, they can be given the chance to be alone with their owner. Training classes are often voted the best dog trainer programs because people who attend them enjoy the training so much they keep doing it year after year.


One of the final considerations when looking for the best dog trainer program is whether or not it offers ongoing certification or not. Many facilities offer continuing education credits to current clients in order to keep their certification valid. These programs are very popular among breed rescue groups, as well as those who want to re-train their older dogs to improve agility, obedience, and other canine behaviors. Some facilities also offer free classes to teach pet owners new tricks, which can prove to be an invaluable addition to your household.

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