How To Find The Best Business Gas Supplier

When do you need a business gas supplier? The answer is almost always before you begin looking for one in the first place. Once have your chosen energy company postcode, technology enabled energy expert team will be using smart data to find the information required to conduct a business gas comparison to save you time, money and the planet. As soon as talk to them they will quickly discuss the best option and then you take the decision that best suits your company.

Business Gas Supplier


If you are a small business with no experience finding an effective business gas supplier can be a daunting task. The first thing you need to understand is just how much competition there is within your local market. Smaller energy suppliers often think they can just take on the most lucrative tariffs available because their customer base is so large. In fact, this is usually an exercise in futility. They will normally have to cut their prices to remain competitive, otherwise they will not survive for long.


However, this does not mean you should avoid choosing a business gas supplier simply because it is a smaller company. They may be better placed to offer deals to suit your particular needs. A good supplier will be able to offer a competitive rate for a number of different tariffs, including a standing charge, which is one of the highest rates around. In addition, they may be able to offer an incentive package including a discount on standing charge and also a further discount if your business is part of a larger organisation. All these extras can help to keep your costs down.

However, when you choose a new business gas supplier you need to understand how much gas you consume in a month and this is usually dependent upon how much you use your home and business heating system. You can get a good estimate for your daily consumption by using a gas bill calculator. If you are uncertain about your usage, then get professional advice from an energy consultant. If you are sure that your usage is affecting the electricity bill, then ask your supplier to find out how much electricity you are using with a ‘billing comparison’. With many suppliers now offering this service online, it has never been easier to find out.


One of the major factors in finding the right supplier is experience. It is very easy to work with new business gas suppliers as they seem to pop up all the time, however, experience is important. Look for suppliers that have been in business for at least five years and who are based in the UK. It is always worth asking for a portfolio of past projects. It is also important to check that your new supplier has enough experience to provide you with a proper installation and maintenance service.

Once you have found the right business gas supplier, it’s time to renew the supply agreement. Your supplier would either renew your supply on a one off basis or you may be required to buy a renewal package. Renewing your supply can usually be done at any time, however, some installations may need to be carried out later on in the year. The price that you will pay for your renewal package will depend on whether you live in a large area or if your installation is small. A large installation could potentially save you money on your energy bills every month, but installing it in a remote location may mean that you would have to pay more for your energy supplies. However, if you live in an area that is prone to power cuts, then it could save you hundreds of pounds every month on your energy costs.

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