How to Beat the Energy Crisis – 4 Steps You Can Take to Reduce Your Electricity Usage

saving money on electricity is most definitely achievable

For most households, a combination of better energy efficiency and lower electricity usage generally results in the lowest overall electricity bills. In most cases, households already have a good idea about how to save money on their monthly electricity usage through changes they have made to their individual household appliances and facilities such as their home heating and cooling systems. Others have discovered a simpler way to improve their overall electricity use by improving their home’s insulation. Regardless of the method used, saving money on electricity is most definitely achievable, and it usually doesn’t take very much effort at all!

If you’re looking for the most effective strategy to save electricity usage in your home, you have two main options to choose from: reduce your current energy consumption (and in most cases your entire home) or install an energy monitoring system to reduce your electricity usage. Although the installation of an energy monitoring device is not considered a ‘green’ solution to reducing your household’s overall energy usage, it is certainly an excellent method for helping to reduce the amount of electricity you use overall and across your entire house. Energy monitoring devices use an advanced infrared camera to record the amount of energy being consumed throughout the home. When this information is recorded, the device can be programmed to alert the homeowner by flashing lights or by sending other communications if energy levels are dangerously low. This is a much better method than hoping to detect a problem (which is often impossible) when there is no other obvious warning.

electricity usage is to turn off the hot water tap

In addition to using a device to reduce consumption, it is also a good idea to use cold water whenever you are not using hot water. In reality, if you are using hot water to heat your water heater, it is likely that you are using more electricity than you realize. A very simple way to cut back on your electricity usage is to turn off the hot water tap when you aren’t using it. Even if you don’t do this, you should use cold water to fill the tub or shower if you have one. Doing both of these steps can have a dramatic effect on your monthly energy bill. It is estimated that switching to cold water as well as turning off the hot water tap could save you as much as 15% on your monthly electricity bill!

Another of the best ways to save on your electricity bill is by changing out the light bulbs in your home as often as possible. Not only are bulbs more expensive than incandescent bulbs, they also consume a lot of electricity. Incandescent bulbs use about three times more electricity than compact fluorescent bulbs, so if you want to use less of that valuable energy, switch to CFLs or halogen bulbs. Both of these types of bulbs last for years, so even if they aren’t the most energy-efficient bulbs, they are still much better than incandescent ones. If you are tired of paying a lot of money to keep your home lit, these are probably the best ways you can improve your finances.

home improvement stores will offer free energy audits

If you aren’t interested in changing bulbs but still want to save on your electricity bill, you should look into having an energy audit done. An energy audit, which involves getting a professional to look at your home and check your consumption, can help you make huge strides toward reducing your usage. This is also a great way to start improving your credit rating if you are currently on the negative end. In fact, some home improvement stores will offer free energy audits for customers who want to take control of their electricity usage.

Finally, one of the easiest things you can do to reduce your energy usage is to simply install a power strip. Power strips can be installed anywhere in the house, saving you even more money on your monthly bills. You can install power strips outdoors if you have an extra wall that you can cover with cable. If you just need to reduce your usage around the house, you can just install an extra power strip to hide your power cord and reduce the number of wires you have in the house. These simple steps can really help you reduce your usage and help you save on your utilities.

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