How Do I Check If I Have Been Given A Good Energy Performance Certificate?

energy performance certificates assess buildings against certain criteria, namely energy consumption, and efficiency. These can either be accredited or non-accredited. Accredited energy performance certificates remain in place for as long as the building is in operation. Non-accredited certificates, meanwhile, have to be renewed every year and are considered for sale.


carbon emission reduction target

Energy performance certificates provide valuable information that owners and landlords need to assess their buildings and rooms to ensure they are meeting carbon emission reduction targets as set out by government policy. Energy efficiency certificates are now also required of everyone to buy new homes, even if they are unoccupied. This is because energy efficiency is now regarded as an important carbon footprint among all other things. The better energy performance certificates a building has, the more likely its carbon footprint is to be reduced.


two types of energy performance certificates

There are two types of energy performance certificates, the first one is the actual assessment and the second is a rating system based on the information provided. The rating system awards points based on each home’s energy efficiency. Energy ratings are frequently changed, but the first set is the internationally accepted benchmark rating that was set in 2021. This is determined by the ratings being compared to the carbon emissions of the same structure at the same size.


A rating of EPC 9 is the highest rating you can achieve

This means you will get a tax break when you rent your flat or your house. You will save money by paying lower energy bills every month. When you rent your flat, you may also qualify for a tenant’s allowance. If you are not the owner of the property, you are still able to get the benefit of the tax cut as well as reduce your personal income through deductions. You can save up to 10 years’ worth of heating and cooling costs through these allowances.


Energy Performance Certificate firm

To check whether you are getting a high rating on an energy performance certificate, visit the Scottish Environment Agency’s website. From there, you can request a copy of your rating from the Energy Performance Certificate firm. From there, you can check whether you have a valid reference number. Each year, your reference number will be verified so you can ensure that the firm has got your correct reference number. A good quality Scottish Energy Performance Certificate service will check whether you have a valid reference number before giving your building a passing mark.


You may wish to get more than one Scottish Energy Performance Certificate. When you rent a property or when you buy one, you may receive two or more ratings. To do this, you need to get a separate certificate for each rating – one for the property itself and one for the improvements made to your property. If you buy and rent at the same time, then you only need one certificate and it does not matter which rating you get.

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