Home Remedies For Tired Eyes – Tips and Ideas

Here are a few common remedies that you can try out

Home remedies for eyes usually target problems within the eye area. There are many home remedies for eyes which would surely help you out. Some are effective, while some are useless.

Sesame Seeds. Home remedies for tired eyes involve inhaling fumes of sesame seeds mixed into honey. It gets tired eyes back in shape by calming the skin around the eyes and gives a restful signal to your brain. If not that, close your eyes for about 10 minutes and proceed with some soothing object other than the computer keyboard.

Cucumber slices. Home remedies for eyes include cucumber slices. This is also one of those tried and tested home remedies that would definitely help you get rid of eye bags. You just have to slice a cucumber in half and rub the slices gently on the eyes.

Almonds and Aloe

This can be another great remedy for tired eyes. Just use the sliced almonds and put them on top of a glass of warm water and relax with a warm cup of coffee for at least 20 minutes. After relaxing, wash the eyes with warm water to remove the moisture from the eyes and leave it for a while.

Lavender Oil and Cotton Pads. Another effective home remedy for tired eyes is using a teaspoonful of rose petal paste and an egg yolk. Make a thick paste out of the petals and put it on cotton pads. These cotton pads should be changed every after an hour or so and after that you can just put it on your eyes as the lavender oil will give it an aroma. You can also mix a few drops of rose water into the mixture and massage it gently to reduce the tiredness in your eyes.

Dark Circles under Eyes. There are some natural solutions to get rid of dark circles under eyes. One of the best remedies is the use of coconut oil, honey and almond oil. All these ingredients work wonders in getting rid of the dark circles under eyes. These remedies would not only make you look beautiful but at the same time they will make your eyes healthy and also make it look shiny.

sparkling eyes

Smiling. No matter how tired your eyes are, it will not be possible to stay away from the grins. Therefore, if you want to have sparkling eyes and if you want to avoid your eyes from becoming dull, you should try to smile a lot. This home remedies for tired eyes is very easy to do and it will bring about a wonderful change in your appearance.

Eye Bags and Eye Circles. If you want to keep the wrinkles away and if you want to have smooth and radiant eyes, you can use cucumber slices and chamomile infusion. Cucumber slices and chamomile infusion will help in reducing the appearance of eye bags and dark circles under your eyes. The best thing about cucumber and chamomile is that both these ingredients are very good antioxidants and they help in protecting your eyes from the harmful effects of the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

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