Flood Insurance May Exclude Certain Things

Water Damage is inevitable no matter where you live. Whether your home is flooded, ganked by a hurricane, or has simply been devastated by Mother Nature, there will be damage caused. In order to effectively deal with the damage, you need water damage restoration. This will be done through professionals who specialize in water damage control.

Water Damage

So, what types of water damage does insurance typically cover? Water damage is broken down into three different types: surface water, groundwater, and flood. Each of these categories is further broken down into subtopics. Water damage is not a one-size-fits all issue; therefore, homeowners need to understand their insurance policy in this regard. What kinds of water damage does insurance typically cover? Water damage coverage varies by type of water damage experienced.

Some homeowners mistakenly believe that all damage which results from a water loss is covered by their insurance policy. Unfortunately, this is often not the case. Water damage to non-permanent fixtures such as doors, windows, and walls is usually not covered under an insurance policy. This is especially true when the damage is caused by ongoing leaks, as these are often considered “out of policy” by insurance companies. It may be in your best interest to pay for a service that cleans up pipes which have become blocked due to ongoing leaks and then repairs or replaces the pipes in question.


Many people think that they are covered if they have a roof leak or similar problem. Typically, such problems only receive a limited amount of coverage, as these are deemed “occasional” by the insurance company. However, many large cities throughout the United States have codes which mandate that any on-going leak is reported to local officials immediately so that the problem can be fixed as soon as possible. If you have a basement flood which damages the structure of your home (including walls and floors) because of on-going leakages, you should contact a local flood restoration specialist to see what steps might be taken to repair your damaged home.

Sometimes personal belongings are damaged during flooding. Most homeowners will only realize the full extent of this damage after the insurance company has paid for it. In some cases, personal items which have been irreparably damaged may not be covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy. In these instances, you will need to purchase additional personal belongings coverage that will protect your belongings during times when you cannot rent a place to stay. Even if your homeowner’s insurance policy might cover some or all of your personal belongings, this coverage will be very specific and might not cover things like clothing, furniture, appliances, jewelry, or other types of important personal belongings.


The final, and perhaps most important, answer to the question posed in the title is a “yes.” Water caused by a flood is not excluded from coverage under your homeowner’s insurance policy. You will need to obtain separate flood insurance coverage, which will cover all or some of the cost associated with repairing your flooded home. Your insurance agent can give you the complete list of exclusions and what you might be covered under each exclusion. The short answer to the question posed in the title is “yes,” if it’s caused by a flood. You will need to learn more about flood insurance before deciding if it’s right for you and your family.

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