Consumer Sales Promotion

Consumer awareness is also a marketing term that refers to the level of consumer interest in a product. Building brand awareness within the consumer population is an essential first step in reviving a brand or introducing a new product into the market. Without consumer awareness, there is very little chance that a new product will ever gain a foothold in the marketplace. The amount of effort, resources, and money that goes into building up consumer awareness can be measured on several scales, including social media and consumer behavior surveys.


One very effective way of gaining consumer attention is through consumer sales promotions.

Sales promotions are any promotional measure undertaken to drive consumer demand. Examples of such measures include offering discounts, freebies, or vouchers to consumers to drive consumer demand. The logic behind these types of tactics is that by offering something free or simply saving a couple of cents on a product that consumers need, consumers will, in turn, drive up the demand for that product. This means that even if there is no immediate positive financial return to the company, the discounted or vouchers-offering is likely to spur a surge in consumer demand for the item, causing increased retail sales for the company.


There are many different types of direct sales promotion techniques

which have proven to be extremely effective. Coupons are perhaps the most common form of direct sales promotion strategy used by many companies. With coupons, retailers can create a great buzz about their products and lure consumers in with the promise of great savings. Many consumers, especially those who use coupons regularly, will automatically take advantage of these savings and buy whatever they have been promised. The increase in purchases, as a result of coupon usage, is offset by the cost of printing the coupons, offsetting the savings, and leaving the company with a profit.


Coupons can also be used in conjunction

with other types of sales promotions, such as online sales promotions. Using coupons from an online website to purchase an item from a store on the internet can be a highly effective tactic for boosting sales growth. While not everyone will be interested in purchasing an item off of the internet, some consumers will if there is the promise of a great deal on an item they would prefer to purchase from a physical store location.


Another technique

which has been successfully implemented in recent years is marketing through social media. With consumers being so heavily involved in using the internet to connect with friends, family, coworkers, and others, it makes perfect sense that companies would want to take advantage of this aspect of social media. Many major companies have taken to utilizing social media as a way to promote their products. By creating pages on popular social media sites, or hiring professional social media followers to tweet about the latest sales promotions, many consumers will be aware of these sales promotions and will be more likely to buy what the company is offering.


In addition to traditional channels of marketing,

there are also other ways that companies may choose to utilize the power of consumer sales promotion. For instance, some companies have chosen to create television commercials and advertise their products through these media. In this way, the company does not need to spend a great deal of money purchasing advertising space, but instead will only have to pay for the ad itself. This tactic can work especially well for companies who have a relatively low budget and do not wish to spend large sums of money on media advertising. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a television commercial, the company can save that money for later, while still promoting its products.

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