Colored Contact Lenses Can Help Presbyopia

Colored contact lenses

Colored contact lenses seem like a really fun way to upgrade your appearance. More often than not called decorative or costume lenses, they lend your eyes an entirely different hue. Some even reshape your pupil’s for a cartoon-style effect. However, colored contact lenses are no longer just fancy accessories or toys. They have rapidly become a must-have for many people. If you’re thinking of getting them, then you should know a few things about the ever-growing trend in colored contact lenses.


Colored contact lenses are defined as any lens, which may be colored or tinted, that alters the natural color of the eye. Such lenses can also be used to enhance the natural color of the eye. They can either darken or lighten the natural eye color, depending on the desired effect, such as a darkening of blue eyes for a more dramatic effect or lightening of brown eyes for a more relaxing effect. These lenses work by altering the light-filtering properties of the eye. For example, some of them will enhance certain natural colors, such as hazel, and diminish others, such as green. There are even some lenses that alter the color of the iris, the colored part of the eye, for better vision.

Colored Contact lense

There are basically two kinds of colored contact lenses: ones that change the eye color and ones that enhance the natural eye color. To choose the right kind, you need to consider your eye color, how much color you want, and the shade of your natural eye color. If you have a warm or a cool color tone, then you should choose a plano lens.

The downside to wearing colored contacts is that your vision may not be as clear as you would like it to be. In fact, some people report that even with the best quality lenses they are still not as clear as they would like. This is because the light filters in most of these lenses are not as finely tuned as the regular contacts so you will not be able to see anything clearly at certain distances. The good news is that there are now some new and improved lenses that correct this problem. These lenses do not use filters but are designed using a lens shape concept that is similar to prescription glasses.


One type of new lens is called visibility tints. These lenses are designed to alter the color of the eyes even when worn. Visibility tint is made up of a slightly translucent layer that sits over the iris just above it. The purpose is to make the colored contacts stand out from the rest of the eye and look unnatural. Different colored contact lenses are available with these new tints, allowing you to have different color tints depending upon what you are trying to achieve.

Another reason why people have difficulty seeing after wearing contact is due to presbyopia. Presbyopia is a very common vision problem which mainly occurs as we age. People suffering from presbyopia can no longer distinguish between distant objects and nearby objects. They often experience difficulty reading menus in restaurants and calling up numbers on the phone. Fortunately for them, colored contact lenses can help to improve their vision and to correct many of the problems associated with presbyopia.

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