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Most people are born skeptical travelers

It is usually something that only comes about after you have been on-the-travel for quite a while. In the beginning, often you make lots of travel errors.

Traveling alone is often a great way to travel inexpensively. You have more fun, because there are no other people to get lost in foreign towns and cities. Also, travel alone can save money. Here are some travel tips to help you travel alone.

The best travel tips I can give new travelers is not to be afraid to be alone. I always believed that the world was my oyster and that there were no “laws” I had to follow. While this is indeed a philosophy that works well for most people, it does not work for many others. I learned my lesson.

several budget travelers during my time backpacking in Asia

One of the worst travel tips I can give is not to travel on a budget.  These travelers never knew where they were going, how much they would spend on hostels, food, local transportation and so forth. They ended up with serious money problems after their trip.

Another travel mistake that I made was to get vaccinated by the doctor in Thailand. My first exposure to Asia was during my student visa in 1999, when I traveled to Thailand for the summer to study abroad. I did not have a health card, so I had to get vaccinated by an immunization nurse who spoke English. I paid a significant amount of money for the doctor’s service. I should have known better, but since I was traveling budget traveler style, I believed I could skip the service.

In fact, I was asked to leave the country for two weeks to get vaccinated because of the rates the hospitals in Bangkok were charging for getting vaccinated. I regret not taking advantage of free health care when I left the country. If I had been able to stay I would probably still have had access to free health care. I was only able to get vaccinated because my hostel staff did not have access to the internet or smart phones to make the process simple enough for me to do on my own.

Traveling is meant to be relaxing

The next travel tip that I want to share with you is one that may seem like common sense, but it is surprising how many budget travelers do not take advantage of it. I like sky scanner. I have taken several trips using sky scanner to find new destinations. Recently I was able to get off the beaten path, save money, and find hidden gems that otherwise I would not have known about. You can also save time on the airplane by learning about the area you are going to. There are several websites that will help you do this.

Sometimes travelers are looking for quick ways to make a buck. I am always against spending money on anything unless I know it was earned. I hope these tips have helped you make the most out of your travel experience. As always get your travel tips from people you trust, such as travel agents. Remember to check in on the websites for the travel tips you read to see if there is any information that is not to your liking.

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