All About Divorce and How to File Court Papers

Divorce, also called separation of marriage, is the legal process of ending a legally binding marriage or civil union. The term divorce is widely used by the media and the public to depict the end of one’s marriage/union or dissolving it completely. Divorce, though a legal procedure, has negative social and emotional effects on couples. Both parties must agree on the termination of the marriage or union before proceeding to divorce proceedings.


know your own rights under the law

If you have decided to file for divorce, you must first know your own rights under the law. The duration of the divorce process varies from state to state. Divorce can only occur when one of the partners is at fault for the breakdown of the marriage. The legal process of divorce will determine which party is legally granted the right to divorce and which one is granted the right to a trial. A trial is one of the most critical stages in divorce proceedings. This is because, in this stage, a judge decides whether the grounds for divorce presented by the parties are valid under the law.


civil trial

If the spouses are not able to reach an agreement regarding the division of their marital property during the course of the divorce proceeding, then they will be forced into a civil trial. In a civil trial, both the husband and wife will be forced to testify about their claims regarding the issues surrounding the breakdown of the marriage. This is often the most expensive and stressful part of a divorce proceeding. Once the parties settle the division of their marital property, they may decide to file separate legal documents for divorce.


The divorce laws

The term family law refers to the area of the law dealing with legal matters related to matrimonial and familial relationships. The divorce laws apply to all states in the US and even other countries. The family courts deal with all sorts of family and marital unions including the dissolution of marriages. Family law also considers same-sex marriages. Several studies suggest that there are more gay and lesbian families in large cities than in rural areas.


consult a professional divorce attorney.

When couples are planning for a divorce, they should make sure to consult a professional divorce attorney. An attorney is well equipped to help couples sort out all the details surrounding their divorce. Divorce lawyers have a thorough understanding of family law, which makes it easier for couples to get their needs addressed. In fact, family law attorneys can assist couples in preparing for their divorce proceedings by providing a full range of legal representation.


talk to a family law attorney

When couples decide to go for a divorce, they must first talk to a family law attorney to determine what kind of divorce they should file. Several factors must be considered when dividing property and dividing up debts among couples. In certain states in the US, the judge can also require one party to prove that the other party was the victim of abuse. This can be very difficult for some couples as they feel that their partner was the root cause of the divorce. However, if the partner proves that the other spouse was the primary suspect of domestic violence, the judge will refuse to allot blame to the spouse who is accused of domestic violence.

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