3 Types of Orthodontic Treatment

Correct Teeth at Home With These 3 Types of Orthodontic Treatment

If you are looking to correct teeth alignment, or straighten the teeth out, then a professional orthodontist in Cincinnati, OH can help. There are different types of services that can be performed through an orthodontist such as Invisalign aligners, however, to have the most successful treatment plan, one must choose the right orthodontic dentist. A dentist that has more than just cosmetic procedures performed can perform the correct Teeth Effects Injectors or Teeth Effects Capsules. Here is more information on these services and the benefits that an eligible patient can receive with assistance from an orthodontic dentist in Cincinnati, OH.


In treating severe overbites and crooked teeth

a qualified orthodontist can perform the Invisalign treatment. This orthodontic service allows the patient to have an aligner that is invisible to others. The Invisalign aligner is attached to brackets on both sides of the teeth. Once applied, the Invisalign aligner will be able to move freely without fear of it coming off. There are three main manufacturers of this product, including Smith and Nephew, Align, and At-Home Care.


The next treatment option is Invisalign aligners

which are also known as “invisible braces.” These are more durable and comfortable than traditional braces, making them a great alternative to teens and adults alike. However, this type of treatment does require that the patient wear the braces throughout their adolescent years. From the time the braces are applied during childhood, treatment time is limited to the first six months of treatment. The treatment process is scheduled each month throughout the first year, at which point a new set of metal brackets will be applied.


Teeth Effects Capsules are another alternative

for adults and adolescents. This type of orthodontics is just like traditional braces, but there is no treatment time involved. Patients only need to wear these for a month or two throughout the year, and they are not required to return for treatment time. This is a great option for parents who do not have the money to pay for traditional braces. This treatment is often used for young children.


The last option is the Inman aligner

This is the most expensive of the three options, but it is the most effective. It is a portable device that patients can take everywhere they go. Instead of wearing traditional braces, an Inman aligner will fit over the entire tooth. Patients can choose to use the aligners in conjunction with their orthodontists or they can choose to use them on their own.


Orthodontists can provide treatment options

for correcting crowded teeth, crooked teeth, overbites, and braces. They can also perform procedures such as bridges and crowns to correct the overall shape of a person’s face. A good orthodontist will be able to make the patient feel more confident about looking at them and their smile. When a patient chooses to go to a specialized provider, they will be provided with clear aligners, bridges, and crowns that will create the best smile possible. If they choose to do their own treatment at home, they should always ask for information from their general dentist on how to use the products they plan to use.

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